“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
The Holy Bible The Gospel According to St. Matthew, 11:28

”For the noble of heart, the greatest delight Is to bring joy to another in piteous plight.” Adam Asnyk
Myśli ulotne (Fleeting Thoughts) XVI, 1924, translated by Caryl Swift

Would you like to support us financially?

We need your help more than you’ll ever know. If you would like to support us, here are the details of our bank account for donations.
Chrześcijańska Misja Społeczna Teen Challenge Oddział 3 Wrocław, ul. Powstańców Śląskich 199, 53-140 Wrocław, Poland Account No.:
For the payment description, please be sure to put:

We have held the status of public benefit organisation since 03.06.2020 (KRS).

So if you pay tax in Poland, you can transfer 1,5% of that tax to us! Simply add our KRS (National Court Register) number to your personal income tax (PIT) declaration form.

In order for us to receive 1.5%, it is necessary to specify:

This is neither a donation nor a form of tax relief. You, the tax payer, can make a decision about 1,5% of your tax and transfer it to the public benefit organisation of your choice. If you decide not to do this, the 1,5% goes to the State Treasury.

What do we raise money for?

Because our activities are expanding rapidly, we’re raising money to buy a large van and equipment for our work on the streets.
Wolontariusze przygotowujący kanapki dla potrzebujących
The number of people we’re helping to changes their lives radically is rising. The current situation in Poland also means that more and more people are coming to us for assistance. Every meeting is a step towards breaking away from addiction and homelessness. We work on the move and carry all of the following from meeting to meeting:
  • thermoses of soup, beverages, sandwiches and cakes;
  • crockery and cleaning products;
  • clothing for people in need;
  • tables for serving food and beverages;
  • hairdressing equipment;
  • a loudspeaker system.
We don’t have our own premises or storage space, so a larger vehicle will allow us to transport and store equipment more effectively and to reach out to people who are unable to get to our gatherings on their own. We’re also planning to buy a tent for protection against rain and to organise a medical point. We will need to store and transport them, as well.
Wolontariusze przygotowujący kanapki dla potrzebujących
Uśmiechnięty mężczyzna niosący jedzenie podczas spotkania
Uśmiechnięty mężczyzna niosący jedzenie podczas spotkania
We would be profoundly grateful for your contribution to our initiative. Every sum donated to Teen Challenge Wrocław translates into practical help that offers people a chance to emerge from a crisis! We carry out our work every Monday and up-to-date reports are available from the addresses on our social media page.